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Catching Dreams Sleepover Party Rentals

  • Birthdays

  • Bachlorette parties

  • Family Nights

  • Backyard Cinema

  • Glamping

Creating Everlasting Memories


Stress-free Party Planning

We are Cleveland's Ultimate Sleepover Party Rental services that LOVE to create and Catch the Dreams of your little ones. We aim to not only create Everlasting Sleepover Memories but also to bring you an Everlasting Experience! We do offer sleepover packages along with a variety of teepee tent themes, themed decorations, comfortable bedding and other fun extras to take your little ones sleepover party from Ordinary to Extraordinary!

Handcrafted Teepee Tents

Locally & Black Owned

Custom Designs

How It Works

Please allow 2-4 weeks in Advance of your scheduled event so that we can properly Catch the Dreams of your little ones.


Fill out Booking Form!

Pick your theme, reserve your date by paying $50 non-refundable retainer fee.


Delivery & Setup!

We will deliver and setup in your home or hotel, all pricing included.


Party Time!

Now its time to create Everlasting memories with your friends or family.


Clean up Clean up!

The next day we will come break down and pickup your party rentals.


Join the Citywide Slumber Party

Pick Your Theme

Barbie Dream World


Let's Glow Crazy

Starry Starry Night

Groovy & Preppy

Glam Spa

Customized Theme

Boho Dreams

Unicorn Dream

Mermaid Madness


Tik Tok

Fairy Princess

Game Day

Enchanted Garden

Llama Cactus Adventure


A sleepover party with lots of colourful

About Us

Hello there and welcome to Catching Dreams Sleepover Party Rentals. We offer our services locally to the Cleveland/Akron area as we aim to 'Catch the Dreams' of your little ones, while also creating everlasting memories while maintaining a Stress-free party planning experience for yourself as the parent or host of your event.

Catching Dreams Sleepover Party Rentals is a sleepover party service for young kids, teens and even adults while also still being fun for the whole family. Our beautiful but yet durable hand crafted teepee tents with custom themed fabric designs.

Each package will include comfortable bedding, twin size air mattress, theme styling decor and all the bells and whistles to Catch the Dreams of your little one. So come on in and the Join the Citywide Slumber Party!

-Brittany Hatchette, Founder of Catching Dreams Sleepover Party Rentals

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